125 khz tags

Flexible 125 KHz Tags Settle the Stumbling Block in Access Control Apps

Nowadays, 125 KHz tags using RFID tech have been widely applied into a variety of RFID applications, such as entrance guard, patrol, personnel identification, asset tracking, and other access control fields. In the past without RFID 125 KHz tags, access control was quite uneasy thing that was a time-consuming process. But fortunately, DAILY RFID, a leading professional RFID tech products producer, has newly unveiled a series of RFID 125 KHz tags with high performance but low cost.

Cost-effective 125khz Tags-the Irreplaceable Channel to Facilitate the Short Range RFID Applications

In extensive RFID applications, 125 kHz tags have played the irreplaceable role in tracking items and are especially suitable for short range fields to settle various problems existing in logistics, anti-counterfeiting and access control. As the mini and intelligent tool, 125khz tags give incomparable advantages to working operation. And DAILY RFID, one of the most professional RFID manufacturers, has also released 125khz tags to meet the requirement of short range RFID applications.

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