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The RFID Access Control System Will Make an Immediate Impact in the Whole Management System

With the development of society, the RFID access control system, a physical or electronic system, has become one distinctly crucial constituent part in security and protection system, which is designed to control who has access to a network. And the RFID access control system base on the RFID technology which has used for a variety of industries.

RFID Card Reader Writer offers multiple tag capability

DAILY RFID has launched 13.56MHz RFID card reader writer designed as a desktop, OEM version with USB and RS232 Interface. It is engineered to offers multiple tag capability, including ISO 14443 and 15693 protocol RFID tags, such as I-CODE, Mifare-One S50.

The RFID card reader writer is easy for installment to read and write existing ISO 14443 and 15693 transponders within separated and converging applications. Under any USB / RS232 environment, it provides a low-cost and high security, as well as convenience and reliability.

Custom RFID Key Fob designed for Secure Identification

In response to the demand of RFID keyfob tags using in access control, DAILY RFID has developed RFID key fob series operating in either 125KHz or 13.56MHz. They are designed for the secure personal identification and access control applications.

RFID Vehicle Tracking System with high identification accuracy

DAILY RFID has released RFID vehicle tracking system with high identification accuracy, designed to track and manage vehicles in parking areas or gated communities. This RFID vehicle tracking system allows for accurate vehicle tracking as well as easy in-and-out access for drivers.

Personalized RFID Key Fob with low wholesale price

RFID Key Fob with Personalized design, which can be deployed for security access control, can always win the customers’ favour. In order to cater for the demand, DAILY RFID has come up with custom rfid key fobs. So far the RFID key fob-02 is wholesaled at around US$ 0.17 per piece.

Latest RFID bracelet released by DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID has recently launched RFID bracelet-13, operating in 125KHz and 13.56MHz, for recreational area, amusement park, swimming pool and hospital. This RFID bracelet is constructed of non-allergenic silicon, with low price at 0.58USD this month.

The latest RFID Access Reader for Gated Communities

DAILY RFID, a leading producer of RFID tags and RFID readers, has recently released UHF RFID access control reader DL910, with long read range of up to 15 m. This reader is designed for vehicle or personal access application, especially in gated communities and parking access control.

UHF RFID Windshield Tags for automotive access control

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of rfid tags, has released a new UHF RFID Windshield Tag for automotive access control. Complying with EPC Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6B standards, this UHF RFID tag promises multiple tag reads, fast read rate and long read range.

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