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Cost-efficient Livestock Tracking Software Impels the RFID Animal Products to Be Fully Used

Nowadays, in order to raise awareness about the cattle management of attention and prevent the disease outbreak and ensure foods security, the livestock tracking software has been launched by RFID manufacturers universally. Combining RFID animal products like RFID animal tags and readers, livestock tracking software facilitates the livestock management operation and benefits the ranchers immensely.

Livestock Tracking Software Reinforces the Livestock Management and Pledges Meat Food Safety

Due to the rapid growth of RFID tech, livestock tracking software has been created and widely used in livestock management. In recent years, food safety problems, lacking in high tech tools (like livestock tracking software) monitoring, have drawn great public attention along with the remarkable improvement of people’s living standard.

Livestock RFID Solution Leads the Farming Management to Be Ideal Level

In the past, gaining the information of animal was a big headache due to lack of advanced Livestock RFID technology. Thus, vaccination records, feeding and location could not be tracked, which leads to poor Livestock RFID management. DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer, has released a series of Livestock RFID tags to simplify the animal identification processes for farming industries. Also, these Livestock RFID products reinforce the efficiency of poultry management and food safety.

Livestock RFID Solutions Swear for the Food Quality and Security at the Source

Since the Livestock RFID technology enters people’s sight, RFID Livestock products are increasingly being taken seriously. As everyone knows, it is the food quality and security that has been the most striking problem no matter for customers or governments. Therefore, Livestock RFID system emerges as the times require, aiming at dealing with meat product quality problems effectively, and solving the monitor loopholes appearing in the process of livestock farming.

Latest RFID Tag for Animal Management from DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID, a leading manufacturer of RFID tags and RFID readers, has newly come out with a latest RFID ear tag -07 for animal management. Available in LF or HF frequency, this RFID animal tag is ideal for applications of tracking animals on large area - sheep, pigs, cattle and the like.

Hygienic Livestock RFID Tag for Sheep Management

DAILY RFID has released hygienic RFID livestock tag which operates in the frequency 125KHz or 13.56MHz. Constructed from polyurethane, the livestock RFID Ear Tag is suitable for the tracking of sheep.

The livestock RFID ear tag provides a good way to improve the efficiency of the sheep management. These RFID Ear tags are all compliant with international recognized ISO standard and can be detected 100mm by RFID Reader. Thus, with the sealed micro tags in place, the information of each sheep can be searched for by transferring the data to the computers and networks.

Livestock Tracking Using Hygienic Livestock RFID Tags

DAILY RFID has released its new livestock RFID tag-02, which is especially designed for livestock lifecycle tracking, like castles, pigs and sheep. The RFID livestock ear tag ensures fully automated cattle management in processes such as disease management, feeding, breeding practices and immunity.

By using advanced RFID technology, the livestock RFID ear tag increases the management accuracy, as each animal has a unique identification number. While integrated it into the RFID Livestock System, the tagged cattle’s information can be collected and tracked in real time.

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