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Long Distance Card Readers Improve the Overall Efficiency of Parking Control

As a gradually mature RFID tech product, long distance card reader has been resoundingly applied into vehicle identification and parking management in modern urban. Currently, the traditional management methods, lacking in long distance card reader, can no longer satisfy the requirements in the wake of an increasing number of vehicles moving across the streets and lanes. Luckily, DAILY RFID, a leading RFID tech products producer, has newly released several long distance card readers that are ideal for parking control and many other long reading range applications.

New-type Long Distance Card Reader with Excellent Performance Enhances Vehicle Management Immensely

Nowadays, the development of RFID technology and human civilization have improved evidently, and new generation long distance card readers certainly have been popular in parking management, which shows widespread use of RFID technology in intelligent parking system. As we all know, the bygone parking management had many weaknesses, such as higher cost, lower labor, losing money, disappearing cars, etc. And modern long distance card readers have just resolved past obstacles in parking via the pinpoint identification and the flexible reading range.

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