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Long Range RFID Card Reader DL6940 – Awe-inspiring Tool Used for Asset Tracking and Management

When it comes to automatic tracking of assets, long range RFID card reader has been indispensible and playing an increasingly role. Looking back on the traditional asset tracking modes without long range RFID card reader, manual operations always lead to a series of difficulties, such as the inconformity between asset info and actual situation, the operation cost that is hard to account timely and accurately, high error rate and low efficiency.

Long Range RFID Card Reader Furnishes the Broad Applications of RFID Tech in Intelligent Parking System

In the wake of the development of RFID technology and human civilization, new generation Long Range RFID Card Readers have been popular in parking management, which presents the broad applications of RFID technology in intelligent parking system. Traditionally, the parking management had many drawbacks, such as higher cost, lower labor, losing money, disappearing cars, etc. And the modern Long Range RFID Card Readers have solved the bygone problems via the strong identification and the flexible reading range.

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