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Micro SDIO RFID Reader uses 13.56MHz frequency

DAILY RFID has released micro SDIO 13.56MHz RFID reader to increase the mobile practicability. This SDIO RFID reader is different from other readers as a result of its SD (Secure Digital) interface. In other words, it must work with PDAs or smartphones which have SD slot to read and write the passive HF tags.

For one thing, the SDIO RFID reader is a HF RFID reader with SD interface. It supports multi-protocol standard tags, like ISO15693, ISO14443A/B, and is compliable with a variety of chips, such as, NXP I-CODE SLI, TI Tag-it HF-I. Thus, it is widely used in many applications.

Micro SD Card RFID Reader with easy information collection

DAILY RFID has released SD RFID Card Reader with a mini size of about a stamp. By inserting this practical SD card RFID reader into SD card slot of smart phones and PDA, this 13.56MHz RFID reader can scan many kinds of HF RFID tags, and collect the information as well.

With a plug-and-play SD card slot, the micro RFID Reader can be used conveniently anywhere. Just insert it into the card slot, and this HF RFID Reader allows PDA and smart phone devices to receive a lot of RFID tag information for back end processing without any internal hardware change.

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