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RFID Tags for Cattle Greatly Catalyze the Healthy Development of Livestock Industry

Nowadays, the applications of RFID tags for cattle have caused intense attention of people because RFID technology has some natural advantages in livestock industry. In the past, due to the lack of RFID tags for cattle, it was not easy for consumers to keep a watchful eye on the process of meat food from farms to tables, which made them lack confidence about food safety. Fortunately, the arrival of RFID cattle tags makes it simple to identify, track and monitor animals in real time, and also makes this process transparent.

RFID Livestock Tags Impel the Healthy Development of Livestock Industry to a Large Degree

Nowadays, RFID livestock tags have extended all over the poultry industry along with the development of economy and the advancement of people’s life level. That’s because the food industry requiring the high quality makes more and more livestock companies use RFID livestock tags to guarantee security of meat food. Of late, as the leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has also released a series of smart RFID livestock tags, in order to meet the huge market demand for RFID livestock tags and help to enhance the level of animal tracking and livestock management.

RFID Solution for Cattle Immensely Strengthens the Management Efficiency in Cattle Industry

Just as people know, RFID for cattle has begun to be applied into some links of livestock industry during the development process of RFID technology. Contemporarily, along with the growth of RFID and the booming of cattle field, more and more poultry managers need RFID products for cattle to increase their benefits. Hence, as the leading professional RFID tech products developer and manufacturer, DAILY RFID has newly launched the intelligent RFID solution for cattle husbandry, in order to meet the huge market and strengthen the management efficiency in livestock industry.

The Livestock RFID ear tag for cattle tracking

DAILY RFID has recently released the circular RFID Cattle Tag operating in either 125KHz or 134KHz frequency. It is designed to trace cattle in the automated management process, such as feeding, breeding practices, disease management and immunity.

With seal chips, the RFID cattle ear tags can automatically take record of the cattle’s lifecycle. While integrated into the RFID Livestock Systems, the tagged cattle’s information can be collected and tracked in real time, such as its feeding, location, vaccination, health history etc.

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