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Contactless RFID Sample Kits for Different RFID Applications Showed by DAILY

As one of the most well-known RFID readers or tags manufactures in China, DAILY RFID has recently released a series of Contactless RFID Sample kits to make it easier for clients to develop, deploy and management. By showing superior kits quality, exquisite packaging appearance and diversified kits, DAILY RFID creates attracts massive numbers of customers to select the kits for RFID development system and different RFID applications.

The Good Reason to Seek for RFID Development Kits from DAILY RFID

With the introduction of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and the sharp pace of internationalization of domestic RFID products forward, DAILY RFID (China RFID) has been committed to making the most durable, high-value RFID development kits according to the RFID technology for different RFID-enable applications, such as the jewelry management, parking management, costume management, event management and so forth. And seeking for suitable RFID development kits for different applications is rather imperative for the customers.

RFID Parking System Constructs the Better Parking Environment

Do not be tired of the hassle about car parks any more. DAILY RFID has newly released a multifunctional RFID system for RFID parking management to control the parking facilities efficiently within a wide range of read distances and help to solve the traditional parking control problems and allows drivers to pass unimpeded in and out of car parks. Actually, it is a good assistant to create perfect parking environment.

RFID Kit for RFID Parking Management with ease

DAILY RFID has released a RFID kit for RFID parking management for efficiently control the parking facilities within a wide range of read distances and access speeds. Therefore, it eliminates the need for parking attendants and avoids putting drivers to inconvenience.

This UHF RFID Kit consists of UHF windshield tags, a long-range UHF RFID reader DL910 and Demo Software. The RFID windshield tag has a unique ID for security of the RFID vehicle access control system. Meanwhile, the RFID reader DL910 provides long read range of up to 15m, fast reading speed and multi port interfaces.

RFID Development Kit for ID Badge proximity RFID application

DAILY RFID has released RFID Development Kit for ID Badge proximity RFID application with high identification accuracy. Combining proximity RFID readers and RFID key tags, the smart RFID development kit can ensure efficient access control, while preventing the equipment from loss.

RFID Patient Tracking with Latest RFID Development Kit

DAILY RFID has released the latest RFID Development Kit for patient tracking. The RFID patient management kit provides a smart combination of passive RFID wristbands, PDA handheld reader, desktop HF reader and necessary software.

The RFID Kit provides all automatic data capture for patient tracking in real time. With embedded RFID chips, the waterproof, non-allergic wristband enables patient information to be stored and transferred. Desktop HF reader and handheld reader are used for wristband information collection and transfer according to different places.

Latest RFID Kit for RFID Patient Tracking System

DAILY RFID has launched RFID Kit for RFID Patient Tracking System, designed for instant deployment in hospital, especially in patient tracking solution. This kit contains the hardware and software to deploy the RFID Hospital system instantly.

The RFID patient management Kit offers automatic patient tracking in real time, thus reducing medical errors and increasing patient safety. Each RFID kit includes RFID wristbands, PDA handheld reader, desktop reader and necessary software.

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