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RFID LF Reader with Bluetooth available in 125 KHz or 134.2 KHz

DAILY RFID has released a rugged RFID LF handheld reader DL990 available in 125 KHz or 134.2 KHz. With Bluetooth featured Smartphone or PDA, this LF reader DL990 features wireless data transferring via the Bluetooth connection.

This LF RFID reader is available with wireless Bluetooth and USB communication interface, making it practical to connect with Smartphone or PDA outdoors and connect with computer system indoors. With secure wireless networks, this DL990 enables automatically data updating and viewing in the real-time mode through any kind of text editors on PCs or PDAs.

Easy-to-use RFID LF Reader for Security Inspection

DAILY RFID has released Proximity RFID LF Reader with USB interface for easy to use, especially in indoor application. This small-size LF reader is designed as a plug and play device for security inspection application indoors while keeping the systems low cost.

With its user-friendly design, the Proximity LF RFID Reader is easy to use in security field. By connecting the USB interface into PC or PDA, the integrated device enables the input or output of all the card data to PC and PDA. And at the same time, you can see the data from the screen of the PC or PDA.

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