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Customized, durable RFID Passive Tags in various forms

RFID passive tags can come in various form factors, just like passive RFID disc tag, RFID key tags and RFID wristband tag. Daily’s passive RFID tags feature long lifespan, small size and stable performance.

RFID passive tags are usually chosen because they are low cost and small enough to be used in almost unlimited applications. DAILY RFID can design appropriate passive tags to make them encapsulate into tagging items for creating embedded RFID applications. Besides, the tags can be customizable, including number, logo and coding printing.

DAILY RFID Manufacturer designs Passive RFID Tag for customers

Companies are always on look out for cost-effective Passive RFID Tags which can improve overall productivity. In order to aid the process, DAILY RFID, a leading manufacturer of passive RFID tag and reader, is commited to designing Passive RFID Tag for customers, just like passive RFID wristbands, metal tags.

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