rfid passive tag reader

Passive Tag Reader? The Requisite Device to Facilitate Access Control, Inventory Management

New generation passive tag reader, due to the superior performance, has been popular in RFID applications. Actually, these passive tag readers have become the edge tool to open the door of RFID applications, which makes the RFID world more intelligent and wonderful. DAILY RFID, as the leading RFID products manufacturer, has released a series of passive tag readers for the sake of the showing the glamour of RFID technology to RFID applications, especially in access control and inventory.

Passive Tag Reader Demonstrates its Significant Value in a Variety of Industries

Currently, along with the growth of RFID tech, passive tag reader has been one of important RFID products and become more and more stable and mature. Due to its high quality and excellent performance, RFID passive tag reader has been widely applied into a variety of industries with flying colors and achieved lots of praises from companies and users.

New RFID Passive Tags with Strong Broadband Capability Make Great Contributions to RFID Products Tracking

When it comes to RFID Passive Tags, RFID enthusiasts will think immediately that a passive tag is an RFID Tag that does not contain a battery and will be supplied the power by the reader. When radio waves from the reader are encountered by a RFID Passive Tag, the coiled antenna within the tag will form a magnetic field. Having a useful life of twenty years or more, the RFID Passive Tag has almost unlimited applications in consumer goods or other areas.

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