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The RFID Anti-theft Tag is Attached to the Goods to Realize the Automated Safety Management

DAILY RFID has released a series of high-quality RFID anti-theft tag which has started to be applied into safety management fields, such as clothing stores, supermarket and so forth. With the continuous improvement of living standards and the change of life-style, more and more people tend to shop in the supermarket where people can choose things optionally. At the same time, commodity security has been one of common problems that people and companies must pay attention to in daily life.

RFID Security Tag Provides Portable Life for People with Iphones and Androids

With the development of NFC applications (NFC: Near field communication), DAILY RFID offers a range of customizable phone or jewelry attachments which are ISO14443 compliant, just like the NFC key fobs. For the latest RFID Security Tags released by DAILY in recent months, DAILY designed them to provide people more portable payment life. Put simply, this NFC RFID Security Tag (NFC Tag) is easily carried to bring comforts to NFC payment, such as mobile payment and loyalty services.

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