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Ultra Small UHF Tags Make Intelligent and Automatic Laundry Management Ever Within Touch

In the wake of the speedy advancement of laundry industry and RFID tech, ultra small uhf tags have been ubiquitous among modern laundry management. More importantly, in virtue of the excellent quality and low price, ultra small uhf tags have also achieved highly sought-after and gradually become the mainstream application in up-to-date laundry market. Meanwhile, as the leading RFID technology products developer and manufacturer, DAILY RFID has also launched a series of smart ultra small uhf tags in recent days, aiming at enhancing the efficiency and automation of laundry management.

Ultra Small UHF Tags Bring Substantial Benefits to RFID Clothing Retail Stores

By far, apparel inventory counting and movements have been optimized and pushed the supply chain management to be another level, which shows the practical and extensive use of RFID technology in clothing retail stores. For the mini intelligent RFID products, Ultra Small UHF Tags have enforced the quick and easy apparel management via the cabinet design and UHF RFID technology. Namely, these Ultra Small UHF Tags can own excellent simplification function to solve the problems in apparel supply chain management.

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