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UHF Long Range RFID Reader DL6940 — A Good Helper for Inventory Management

Without the advanced readers, there is no the functional improvement of inventory management systems. Basing on the importance of combining long read range and RFID anti-collision function in inventory control, DAILY RFID has released UHF Long Range RFID Reader DL6940 to elegantly solve the inventory problems and fulfill the quick inventory management. With long read range of up to 15 meters, this DL6940 reader enables long read could accurately scan dozens of UHF tags in any direction simultaneously.

UHF Long Range RFID Reader DL920-A Good Assistant for Industrial Application

DAILY RFID has released high-performance UHF Long Range RFID Passive reader DL920(UHF-9650) with an industrial standard read range of up to 15m. With the long read range, this UHF Reader DL920(UHF-9650) can fulfill highly accurate ,reliable, real time date collection. And due to the excellent performance in dense reader environment, it exactly can cater for the demand of industrial applications and be a good assistant for industrial application.

RFID Long Distance Reader makes Car Parking convenient

In order to improve car parking management, DAILY RFID has released RFID long distance reader DL910 with a maximum read range of up to 15 meters. It is designed as an embedded UHF RFID Reader to provide quick recognition and accurate identification for car parking system.

UHF Long Range RFID Reader DL910 with promotion price at 780USD

DAILY RFID has recently upgraded its UHF Long range RFID reader DL910 to enhance the user experience and durablility, with promotion price price at 780USD. It offers a long read range of up to 15m basing on different RFID tags.

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