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UHF Passive RFID Reader designed for long range applications

DAILY has released UHF Passive RFID Reader for long range applications with single, two or more antenna channels. The long range reader performs well in collecting, managing, and transferring of information data.

With Passive RFID technology, the UHF reader DL6820 can offer fast read rate, long read range and high accuracy. The passive RFID reader provides industry-leading dynamic range with typical read range up to 10 m. It is designed for ease of use, comfort and mobility.

Upgraded UHF RFID Reader DL910 is available at 780USD

DAILY RFID has recently upgraded its UHF RFID Reader DL910 to enhance the user experience, as well as durablility, with a low price at 780USD. The UHF Reader features globally-compliant options, performance efficiency, and rugged design to enable external installation.

UHF RFID Reader with double antennas optimized for long distance applications

DAILY RFID has unveiled globally-compliant UHF RFID Reader DL6820 with double antenna channels for long distance UHF application. This UHF reader promises multiple tag reads, fast read rate and long read range.

UHF Reader for RFID Warehouse features Gen 2 strandard

DAILY RFID, a leading producer of RFID hardware, has recently released UHF Reader DL910, specially designed for warehouse management. Complying with EPC Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6B standards, this UHF reader promises multiple tag reads, fast read rate and long read range.

UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader with double antenna channels

DAILY RFID has unveiled UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader DL6820 with double antenna channels and long read range up to 10m. With Gen 2 RFID Technology, this UHF reader promises multiple tag reads, fast read rate and long read range.

Low-power RFID Tester for RFID test launched

DAILY RFID has released UHF RFID Tester DL9600 specially for RFID test solution. As its low power consumption, this RFID tester is designed as a low-cost UHF Reader to detect if passive rfid tags are working properly.

RFID Vehicle Tracking System with high identification accuracy

DAILY RFID has released RFID vehicle tracking system with high identification accuracy, designed to track and manage vehicles in parking areas or gated communities. This RFID vehicle tracking system allows for accurate vehicle tracking as well as easy in-and-out access for drivers.

Reliable RFID Vehicle Tracking Solution from DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID has developed a complete RFID vehicle tracking solution, specially designed for the parking lot and fleet of vehicles. This RFID vehicle tracking solution can greatly improve the security of the parking lot and vehicles.

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