USB RFID Reader?The Intellectual Scanner to Accelerate the Operation Process of RFID Management

In order to accelerate the speed of information processing like delivery and management in RFID applications, USB RFID reader has been extensively and resoundingly used in access control, inventory management, logistics and office operation. Inserted a USB RFID reader into a desktop or notebook PC, rfid events organizers or enterprise users can handle information quickly and facilitate the events processes. Working as USB scanner, USB RFID reader can make the supply chain smooth.

USB RFID Reader Impels the Advancement of Personnel Control and Enterprise Management

Following the maturity of RFID tech, USB RFID reader has also been more stable and reliable. In general, successful enterprises are always those with brilliant management, and the cutting-edge technology has been invariably impelling the advancement of enterprise management. Namely, using high-tech tools, such as USB RFID reader, has become the crucial and essential part in company administration and access control.

RFID USB Reader Software Propels the Progress of Modern Logistics Industry

As people see, RFID USB reader software has been permeating each link of modern logistics industry. Evidently, lacking in the RFID USB reader software, traditional modes of logistics management have been far from enough to satisfy the demand, with the rapid development of economy and society. Thus, as the leading RFID software and RFID products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has newly released the fire-new and intelligent RFID USB reader software to figure out the issues left over by traditional logistics.

RFID USB Reader Software? The Easy-to-use Tool to Propel the Operation Process of Enterprises

In modern enterprisers, most of operation processes have be executed by RFID software, like new generation RFID USB Reader Software. Focusing ideal RFID technology on RFID management, the RFID USB Reader Software can execute large data transmission, data processing and storage via USB connection to computer, which makes the supply chain smooth and propels the operation process of enterprises at the fastest . And in wake of the advancement of RFID technology, a series of RFID USB Readers have been released by DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacture and RFID software provider.

Desktop USB RFID reader writer for office environment

DAILY RFID has released 125KHz/13.56MHz desktop USB RFID reader for office environment, where laptops, PCs and smartphones are widely used. It is designed as a plug-and-play, easy-to-use RFID reader writer while maintaining low cost.

The USB-enabled Desktop RFID Reader is easy to operate, because it features USB interface communication. By inserting it into PC and laptop, the integrated device will output all the data that can be seen from the screen on the PC and PDA for easy operation. And the high frequency version also supports RS232 interface.

RFID Card Reader Writer designed for Easy Installation

DAILY RFID has released RFID card reader writer -02 to meet the customer requirement for convenient use. With USB or RS232 interface, the RFID reader writer is designed as a plug-and-play RFID device. Therefore, it can be easily installed for many applications near computers.

Easy-to-use RFID LF Reader for Security Inspection

DAILY RFID has released Proximity RFID LF Reader with USB interface for easy to use, especially in indoor application. This small-size LF reader is designed as a plug and play device for security inspection application indoors while keeping the systems low cost.

With its user-friendly design, the Proximity LF RFID Reader is easy to use in security field. By connecting the USB interface into PC or PDA, the integrated device enables the input or output of all the card data to PC and PDA. And at the same time, you can see the data from the screen of the PC or PDA.

USB RFID Desktop Reader for simple access control

In response to keep the RFID access control system simple and low cost, DAILY RFID has released proximity RFID Desktop reader with USB or RS232 interface. Available in 125 KHz (LF) or 13.56 MHz (HF) versions, both of the RFID desktop readers are designed as a plug and play device to simplify the access control procedure.

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