Wikipedia Untrustworthy

What is untrusworthy Media and why do we trust certain media to give us the TRUTH what is the TRUTH... is the UK media giving us the truth about Iraq are they giviing us the truth about White Phosphorous in Iraq, is it true that smoking is bad for you dispite what Woody says... Is marijuana bad for you!!! or is it good for you!!!

How do we define the TRUTH and what leads you to accept information as the truth... Digital truth? Conventional paper truth? or Vocal truth?

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Christmas Shopping On Line

Today, I received a mail from paypal.com presenting me their latest product, the PayPal Shop. Shops on the internet are nothing particularly new, however this one is slightly different: it is a products-comparison application and a shop in one. Networked media and inter-connected shops allow us not only to easily compare specifications amongst similar products, it also allows us to compare prices between different shops. (So does e.g. Kelkoo.) This has an impact on how we will do our shoppings in the future.

Man beams 5,000 radio, TV channels with a dozen satellite receivers

Since 1998, Al Jessup has amassed a collection of 12 dishes around his home. He said he first just began subscribing to Direct TV and Dish Network, but he later learned that by purchasing special satellite receivers he could receive “free to air” programming from several different satellites around the world. The information on how to adjust a dish and set up a receiver to pick up programming from these stations such as Galaxy 10, AMC 2 and Telestar 5 is included with these receivers.

“Up in the sky, there’s lots of free stuff,” he said.


The History of the Desktop

Nothing shapes our understanding and presception of how a computer works more than the metaphors that are being used in the graphical user interface (GUI).


Hmm today was intresting I sent an email to the Sth London Press, to see If I could get an article published... Shhhhh lets wait and see what the response is.

Brave News World

(by christoph burgdorfer)

Timeframe: 2 to 5 years from now.

A couple of days ago, Google launched its new service "Google Reader" which is basically a RSS aggregator. I do not think, this is a coincidence. I believe that Google has realized that at some point, everybody will use his personal news feeds to get informed rather than just checking up a few news sources on a regular base. This will lead into a weakening of the current information sources' positions and support the possibility to get a wider variety and more independent opinions on topics of interest.

The way most of us read the news today has a long tradition. It originated in the 15th Century with the invention of the printing with movable letters by Johannes Gutenberg. Since then, the format has not much changed, we still get the newspapers printed out black on grey paper. At some point, there were pictures, then they became colorful, but let's face it, that doesn't make much of a difference, does it?

When Blobjects Rule the Earth

by Bruce Sterling
SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles, August 2004

The last speech at an awards ceremony can't be too short.
I'm Bruce Sterling, I'm a science fiction writer. I write novels. This is the first time I've ever been to SIGGRAPH. I always wanted to go.

My closet is full of old SIGGRAPH demo tapes. They're on VHS. I like to haul them out and play them for people at house parties. These are romantic icons of a lost world, these antique SIGGRAPH demo reels.

Tc/N Tactile communication

Tc/N Tactile communication is an interactive networked sculpture installation that allows people to communicate physical touch through the interface of heart, a physical input and output that has not been made exchangeable with current communication devices.The installation consists of two sides that communicate to each other over the internet.
The goal of the project is to make transportation of touch in networked communication possible, to remind people that natural physical input and output of human expression are essential key to communication, which may result in better and more sensational understanding of one another.

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