'Content in media does not matter at all' Marshall Mcluhan (part 1)

Marshall Mcluhan says 'Content and the message doesn't matter at all'

if war, conflict and natural disaster are used to keep the masses quite through a state of helplessness as was suggested

then how can content not be important
as its is the message that determines our feeling of helplessness

Happy new year to all MAZINErs, day 13

Sorry for the downtime we had, from beginning January till end of this week. The MAZINE database shutdown as far as we can tell happened because the overload with comment spam and other common annoyances, but no data is lost.

To catch our eyes ..

I can't remember from where or whom I've heard this saying that " When we knows more and more, we start to care less and less." Sometimes, although it seems a bit sad, I do feel like this.

Apple in silver, black and white for the Phofilmusigner

WARNING, do not read the following e-ssay if you feel easily insulted, aggressively harassed and potentially bullied by writing. The text may damage your view on particular products and disappoint all beliefs you had so far. I am an economical immigrant and not a native born English speaker, so several arrangements of words may not be in the usual order as you may expect and could be potentially misunderstood, because of improper use of the language. Its your own fault if you continue to read.

Harvey Nichols ads

These are ads for the upscale department store Harvey Nichols, done by agency DDB in London

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