RFID Watch for All-purpose and remains Comfort

DAILY RFID has released RFID watch tag for installation in any kind of wristwatch. Integrated with the RFID watch tag, the RFID watch can remain its comfortable and can be used more functional, such as a ticket, a identity card.

The RFID watch can be used for all-purpose. It doesn't interfere with the mechanical workings because either the metal parts of the watch or wearer's wrist won't interfere with the tag being read. The operate frequency of the RFID watch depends upon the function goals of the watches, and is available in most RFID standard, such as EPC Gen2.

rugged RFID Smart Label (Read / Write RFID Tag)

DAILY RFID has developed rugged RFID smart label, each including a small IC chip and antenna. The read /write RFID tags are designed to ensure the durability even under harsh environment and have been integrated into many RFID projects with a low price.

Pass for Sure CompTIA BR0-001 exam

Before making your decision to take an IT certification, make sure that you can afford lots of time and hard work on it.Now, I'll introduce you some common steps that you'll experience on your way of any IT certifications.Pay attention to the following steps if you are planning for a CompTIA certification.
First, decide on a certification. For these who are unsure which certification to take, many suggestions and ideas can be grasped in the Internet.

RFID File Tracking System automates Document Inventory Control

DAILY RFID has launched a RFID file tracking system available in UHF or HF frequency for files inventory management. It is specially designed to help businesses reduce the time it takes to inventory client records and locate misplaced files.

Basing on either HF (ISO15693 or ICODE) or UHF frequency, this RFID file tracking system integrates RFID labels, multi-tag RFID reader and necessary software to allow organizations to manage document efficiently. It can enable files tracking and identification, enhanced security through automated document control.

Idea Reader - 125KHz RFID Reader for Long range Industrial Application

DAILY RFID has newly unveiled 125KHz Long Range RFID Reader (Idea Reader). The long-distance identification function and ease of use features make it ideal for Industrial Application.

The low-cost LF RFID Reader(Idea Reader) provides high performance. And it is compatible with LF RFID chips such as I-CODE, Mifare-One S50. With accurate identification ability, this Idea Reader RFID Reader has a long read range up to 100cm.

125KHz Super Long-Range RFID Reader - from DAILY RFID

125KHz Super Long-Range RFID Reader - from DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of RFID tags and RFID Readers, has unveiled its latest 125KHz super Long-range RFID Reader for access control applications, and other situations that require long read range.

By using the LF RFID Reader, it provides an added level of access control system security through a verification process at the reader. In addition, it has an impressive reading range of up to 1 meter, even under harsh environment. And it can be installed indoors /outdoors quickly.

DAILY RFID released latest Ideetec Long-range RFID reader

DAILY RFID has announced Ideetec Long Range 125KHz RFID Reader for easy integrated into super Long-range RFID solution. The Ideetec RFID reader is engineered to provide a long read range up to 100cm due to its advance industry design.

The long-range Ideetec RFID Reader is a low cost and high performance reader. It designed as a rugged reader to withstand any harsh environments. And the 125KHz RFID Reader (Ideetec) has Two-LED signal lamps indication for standby search and data communications.

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