Handheld RFID Reader Drives the Users to Experience the Higher Level of Practical Industrial Operations

Today, the handheld RFID reader has been released by DAILY RFID, which has a big impact on accuracy of information and transparency of operations. As a leading RFID company who is committed to manufacturing RFID products, DAILY has also released a series of handheld RFID reader with the reasonable price and good performance to fulfill a high level of the inventory management in logistics industry.

Clothing RFID Tag has the Ability to Immensely Promote the Operational Efficiency of Users

Recently, the fire-new clothing RFID tag has been newly launched by DAILY RFID, which can effectively identify the washing times, the types and quantities of clothes to substantially increase the efficiency of the management in industrial laundry business. As a leading company who is dedicated to developing and producing RFID tech products, DAILY has also released a series of clothing RFID tag with high quality and excellent performance.

The Attractive RFID Reader Price from DAILY Helps Most Enterprises to Solve the Cost-benefit Problem

Recently, the enterprises have paid close attention to the reasonable RFID reader price, since the RFID reader is more expensive than the RFID tag. As a leading company who is concentrated on developing and producing RFID products in China, DAILY RFID has newly launched a series of RFID reader with attractive price and high quality to meet the need of enterprises.

Cheap RFID Tags Bring High Efficiency but Spend so Little to the Enterprises

Of late, DAILY RFID has newly unveiled a series of cheap RFID tags with stable performance and excellent quality to meet the huge requirements of the RFID market. Embedding the smart chip, these cheap RFID tags have been used in various applications, such as logistics management, asset management, jewelry tracking, vehicle tracking, animal identification, library management and so on.

The Sought-after Tablet with RFID Reader from DAILY has Brought More Convenience to People

Odd-come-shortly, a series of brand-new tablet with RFID reader has been launched by DAILY RFID which is sought-after and has been used widely in item management, personal identification and other applications. As a leading RFID company, DAILY is capable of designing and producing high performance RFID readers to promote the development of RFID industry.

Reasonable Active RFID Tag Price and Excellent Quality Gain more Clients for RFID Enterprises

Currently, reasonable active RFID tag price has been a powerful means to gain more clients for the RFID companies. DAILY RFID, as a leading professional RFID designer and manufacturer, has newly come up with a series of active RFID tag with reasonable price and high performance for optimizing RFID business process and especially for access control management.

RFID UHF Tag from DAILY will Take the Place of the Traditional Admission Tickets

Recently, DAILY RFID has newly released a series of RFID UHF tag based on the latest advanced UHF technology, who is one of the professional RFID product developers and manufacturers in the world. Compared with low frequency RFID tag, this RFID UHF tag has many advantages to ensure the security, such as anti-collision, unique ID number and the time of data saving up to ten years.

RFID Reader with Passive Tag will Facilitate Most of Enterprises to Achieve a High Level of Efficiency in Various Fields

Today, the brand-new RFID reader with passive tag has been released by DAILY RFID to make more users to experience the high efficiency in industrial process and boost the business greatly. As a leading professional RFID technology products developer and manufacturer, DAILY has devoted itself to developing a series of RFID reader with passive tag to meet the requirements of walks of life.

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