RFID Reader with Passive Tag has Gradually Improved Parking Management

DAILY RFID has launched a series of RFID reader with passive tag which is commonly used in modern parking management. As a professional company,DAILY is devoted to designing and manufacturing high- performance and cost-benefit RFID product which is popular in modern market.

The UHF RFID Passive Tag has Effectively Reinforced Management in Livestock Industry

DAILY RFID, as a leading company who is dedicated to producing RFID products, has come out with a series of high-quality UHF RFID passive tag which has already been widely used in the livestock industry to identify and track large animals, such as sheep, cattle and pigs.

The RFID Anti-theft Tag is Attached to the Goods to Realize the Automated Safety Management

DAILY RFID has released a series of high-quality RFID anti-theft tag which has started to be applied into safety management fields, such as clothing stores, supermarket and so forth. With the continuous improvement of living standards and the change of life-style, more and more people tend to shop in the supermarket where people can choose things optionally. At the same time, commodity security has been one of common problems that people and companies must pay attention to in daily life.

RFID Reader with Passive Tag of DAILY Provides the Longer Read Range and High Accuracy to the Commercial Application

Today, DAILY RFID has newly launched a series of RFID reader with passive tag for commercial application asking for longer read range and high accuracy, which is a leading RFID company focus on the developing and manufacturing the RFID technology products. It is well-known that the RFID reader with passive tag has created many benefits to a variety of industries, such as logistics, warehouse management, hotel and asset management.

Writable RFID Tags Can Be a Great Way to Increase People’s Productivity

DAILY has released the writable RFID tags with small size and simple structure, especially low cost, in order to be applied into fixed asset safety and management fields. These advanced RFID tags, as the data carrier, have the functions of the identity recognition, objects tracking and information collection. In foreign countries, the writable RFID tags have been extensive application area.

Long Rang Active RFID Tag — a High Efficiency Tool to Boost the Vehicle Management

DAILY RFID has released a series of high-quality long rang active RFID tag which is extensively applied into various long distance RFID applications, such as vehicle access control, toll administration, logistics management, animal tracking and so on. The application of long rang active RFID tag has played an important role in modern life and brought largely convenient to people.

Cheap RFID Tag With the Excellent Performance and Low Cost Gives Great Support to RFID Management

DAILY RFID has recently released a series of the cheap RFID tag that offer the best choice to the consumers, which is a leading company who concentrates on developing and manufacturing RFID technology products. On today’s market, the cheap RFID tag has occupied a large proportion of the RFID market, which has gotten not only more excellent, but also easier to use in the past few years.

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