125khz card reader

125 KHz RFID Card Readers Immensely Heighten the Efficiency of Modern Poultry Management

As the earliest RFID tech product, 125 KHz RFID card reader has become more and more mature, high-quality and low-cost along with the rapid development of RFID technology. Hence, 125 KHz RFID card reader has pervaded a variety of industries and acquired much extol thanks to its excellent performance and good functions, especially in the poultry management. Currently, using 125 KHz RFID card reader has made animal tracking and livestock control a piece of cake.

125khz RFID Card Reader-the Requisite Instrument to Actuate the Development of RFID Fields

125khz RFID Card Readers, as the high-quality RFID products, have demonstrated many advantages in RFID fields and have been popular devices in many enterprises for access control, inventory management, logistics, or any other events management. Although they have shorter reading range than UHF RFID card readers, 125khz RFID Card Readers can make the utmost of the 125khz RFID technology to help RFID fields gain benefits. In recent years, the smart 125khz RFID Card Reader series have been launched by DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer.

125KHz Handheld card reader with Bluetooth and USB

DAILY RFID has launched a compact 125KHz RFID card reader DL990, supporting Bluetooth commutation function. The light weight RFID card reader is battery operated and its Bluetooth connection makes it perfect for data transferring no matter where you are. Moreover, the handheld card reader can continuously read tags for up to 6000 times per charge.

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