125KHz rfid reader

125 KHz RFID Card Readers Immensely Heighten the Efficiency of Modern Poultry Management

As the earliest RFID tech product, 125 KHz RFID card reader has become more and more mature, high-quality and low-cost along with the rapid development of RFID technology. Hence, 125 KHz RFID card reader has pervaded a variety of industries and acquired much extol thanks to its excellent performance and good functions, especially in the poultry management. Currently, using 125 KHz RFID card reader has made animal tracking and livestock control a piece of cake.

125khz RFID Card Reader-the Requisite Instrument to Actuate the Development of RFID Fields

125khz RFID Card Readers, as the high-quality RFID products, have demonstrated many advantages in RFID fields and have been popular devices in many enterprises for access control, inventory management, logistics, or any other events management. Although they have shorter reading range than UHF RFID card readers, 125khz RFID Card Readers can make the utmost of the 125khz RFID technology to help RFID fields gain benefits. In recent years, the smart 125khz RFID Card Reader series have been launched by DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer.

LF 125KHz RFID Reader DL2800 for Mobile Solution

DAILY RFID has released LF 125KHz RFID reader DL2800 for RFID mobile solution. Operating at 125 KHz frequency, this handheld RFID reader is specially designed to be applied for mobile solution in industry markets and harsh environments, like livestock tracking, pet management, asset management, etc.

Rugged Low Frequency RFID Reader with Long Range Up to 100cm

DAILY RFID has released its 125KHz Low Frequency RFID Reader designed for access control applications. The rugged LF RFID reader provides a long read range up to 100 cm indoors/outdoors.

The low frequency RFID reader can provide high sensitivity and reliable performance. The 125KHz reader can read RFID tags within a range of 50cm to 100cm, allowing for accurate and real-time data transmission.

125KHz RFID Long Range Reader for Industrial Applications

DAILY RFID has launched a new 125KHz RFID long range reader designed for access control applications. The 125khz long range reader enables users to read or write data to tags at long range of up to 100cm.

The RFID long range reader can provide high performance for access control solution, within read range of 50cm to 100cm. And it is compatible with LF RFID chips such as I-CODE, Mifare-One S50. Besides, it can be installed quickly indoors /outdoors while keeping accurate identification ability.

125KHz Desktop RFID Reader for Fast and Easy Integration

DAILY RFID has launched LF 125KHz RFID reader for integrated into Low Frequency proximity applications. The 125KHz Desktop RFID Reader is designed as a plug-and-play device features at reasonable cost with 32USD now.

The versatile 125KHz RFID reader is designed in a user-friendly way. Its credit card size fits conveniently into a pocket. Besides, it has Two-LED indication for standby search and data communications to make it easy to use.

125KHz LF RFID Reader-03 (ideaReader) promises long range – from DAILY RFID

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of RFID hardware, has announced a latest Long Range 125KHz LF RFID Reader(ideaReader) designed for access control applications, and other situations that require long read range.

125KHz RFID Proximity Reader for reading passive rfid tags

DAILY RFID has launched 125KHz RFID proximity reader-02 designed to read a variety of low frequency passive rfid tags, with a low price at 32 USD. This 125KHz reader is ideal for various applications such as industrial tracking, access control, time and attendance, supply chain management, etc.

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