gen 2 uhf tags

EPC Gen 2 UHF Tags Simplify Items Tracking Operation So Efficiently and Reliably

Contemporarily, EPC Gen 2 UHF tags have enough strong identification of items and can implement tracking operation in supply chain at the fast rate. Retrospecting the past years, it was not hard to discover that traditional barcodes were not easily rejected to read because of the attrition and buckling, and also it was difficult for bar code to identify certain product uniquely. Fortunately, DAILY RFID, as the leading RFID products manufacturer, has released a series of EPC Gen 2 UHF tags for simplifying items tracking operation.

EPC Gen 2 UHF Tags Facilitate the Livestock Industry to Grow Larger and Stronger

Based on the advanced Gen 2 RFID technology, high-performance EPC Gen 2 uhf tags have been gradually mature and widely used in animal identification and poultry tracking. As the meat food safety problem draws great public attention, using efficient means (just like EPC Gen 2 uhf tags) on animals to trace the source of foodstuff has become increasingly important and essential.

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