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EPC UHF Tags Provide the Forceful Technical Support for Laundry and Garment Enterprises

In current days, EPC uhf tags have been diffusely employed into the hang tags of garment and laundry industry with flying colors. As economy rapidly develops, the garment and laundry industry has been in steady progress, which needs the forceful technical means (like EPC uhf tags) to maintain the advancement. Fortunately, as a leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has newly announced a series of smart EPC uhf tags in order to address the challenges faced by traditional clothing companies, including low accuracy and difficult stock taking.

Intelligent EPC UHF Tags Expedite the Laundry Management to a Large Extent

Nowadays, large quantities of silk fabrics need to be tracked and ensured the location so that the fabrics can managed efficiently in a hotel or washing stores. And the intelligent EPC UHF tags become the RFID solutions to help RFID system establish a highly efficient working platform which receives the clothing items, implements classification and automatic inventory and picking up the items. Namely, these EPC UHF tags are powerful channel to simplify the laundry process.

Flexible UHF Tags Contribute a Lot to the Advancement of Vehicle Management

Up until now, UHF tags, the abbreviation of Ultra High Frequency tags, have become increasingly sought-after for solving difficult RFID problems and satisfying business needs across various industries, especially in vehicle control. Actually, the smart UHF tags are proven and reliable means for automating the process of vehicle identification. As a leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has recently launched a series of windshield UHF tags that are specially planned for vehicle control.

Fire-new UHF Tags Consolidate Livestock Tracking And Management Immensely

As we all know, UHF tags are booming more popular for settling different difficulties and meeting various needs across various industries, such as laundry industry, asset management industry, and livestock tracking industry. Compared with HF tags, the UHF tags have a longer reading distance and implement more reliable supply chain tracking. As the intelligent products to accelerate the speed of RFID items tracking and management, the fire-new UHF tag series have been released by DAILY RFID.

EPC Gen 2 UHF Tags Simplify Items Tracking Operation So Efficiently and Reliably

Contemporarily, EPC Gen 2 UHF tags have enough strong identification of items and can implement tracking operation in supply chain at the fast rate. Retrospecting the past years, it was not hard to discover that traditional barcodes were not easily rejected to read because of the attrition and buckling, and also it was difficult for bar code to identify certain product uniquely. Fortunately, DAILY RFID, as the leading RFID products manufacturer, has released a series of EPC Gen 2 UHF tags for simplifying items tracking operation.

EPC Gen 2 UHF Tags Facilitate the Livestock Industry to Grow Larger and Stronger

Based on the advanced Gen 2 RFID technology, high-performance EPC Gen 2 uhf tags have been gradually mature and widely used in animal identification and poultry tracking. As the meat food safety problem draws great public attention, using efficient means (just like EPC Gen 2 uhf tags) on animals to trace the source of foodstuff has become increasingly important and essential.

UHF On-Metal RFID tag for industrial harsh conditions

DAILY RFID has announced latest durable UHF On-Metal RFID tag for harsh conditions, such as around metal objects and low or high temperature. It is specially designed to be mounted on a metal surface of various applications for logistics, asset management and factory.

The newly designed UHF RFID tags are specially designed for direct on-metal use. With chips sealed inside an outer coating made of special materials, the metal RFID tag can operate normally direct on-metal surface, as well as under impact, against corrosion, and overcome high and low temperature.

The latest UHF Tag with high performance in harsh conditions

DAILY RFID has released rigid RFID UHF Tag to meet a need in the Industry for uhf tag with long read range on metal surface. The latest UHF passive tag can provide high performance in harsh conditions, including around metal & liquid environment.

The UHF tag has been tested at a very reliable reading range of up to 3 meters in a variety of harsh industrial environment. It can easily be affixed to any metal surface either keeping by two screws or with its self-adhesive 3M Glue. Thus, it is not easy to fall off from the surface, and allows long-range communication.

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