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Tamper Proof RFID Tags Make Laundry Industry Usher an Unprecedented Scale and Prosperity

Of late years, tamper proof RFID tags have pervaded and conquered the laundry and clothing industry as a result of the prominent performance even under harsh conditions. With the improvement of people’s life level, traditional laundry methods short of tamper proof RFID tags can no longer meet the growing market demand. In order to elevate the competitiveness, numerous laundry companies have begun to use tamper proof RFID tags in the process of clothing tracking and garments sorting.

Tamper Proof RFID Tags Help the RFID Clothing Retailers Elevate the Diaphaneity of Inventory Management

As is known to all, the tamper proof RFID tags have helped RFID clothing retailers gain pretty big profits in recent years. With unique designs and chips, each tamper proof RFID tags can securely identify and track the clothing. And in virtue of the tamper evident structure, each tamper proof RFID tag can not be removed and maliciously re-used.

Rugged RFID Tags Give Impetus to the Progress of Logistics to a Large Degree

Along with the ripeness of RFID technology, rugged RFID tags have been well-received in the logistics industry increasingly. Compared with the traditional logistics without rugged RFID tags, modern logistics are high-efficiency and high lucrative by right of the wide using of rugged RFID tags. So in order to meet huge demand for rugged RFID tags in logistics field and warehouse management, DAILY RFID, a company who is dedicated to developing and manufacturing RFID products, has also released a series of smart rugged RFID tags in the recent days.

Rugged RFID Tags Make RFID Technology Pervade Every Walk and Life

Rugged RFID tags, as the new generation RFID technology products, have early pervaded every walk of life. Namely, rugged RFID tags have been prevalent in various RFID applications at incredible rate, like access control system, inventory management, products tracking, transportation and logistics. Furnishing the convenient and fast entry for RFID applications, rugged RFID tags are perfect choice for RFID users. And DAILY RFID, the leading RFID products manufacturer, has also launched rugged RFID Tags in order to make full use of RFID technology and update the RFID applications.

Rugged RFID tag for tracking on-metal and harsh environment

DAILY RFID has recently released series of rugged RFID tag in various shapes, including round, square and rectangle. The on-metal RFID tag is suitable for tracking on-metal application or anywhere bearing metal environment.

The Rugged RFID Tag provides high performance on metal surface and eliminates the asset management problems. The metal tag is durable and can withstand any environment, whether the weather or the manufacturing environment. With its self-adhesive 3M Glue on the back, it can easily be affixed to any metal surface.

UHF On-Metal RFID tag for industrial harsh conditions

DAILY RFID has announced latest durable UHF On-Metal RFID tag for harsh conditions, such as around metal objects and low or high temperature. It is specially designed to be mounted on a metal surface of various applications for logistics, asset management and factory.

The newly designed UHF RFID tags are specially designed for direct on-metal use. With chips sealed inside an outer coating made of special materials, the metal RFID tag can operate normally direct on-metal surface, as well as under impact, against corrosion, and overcome high and low temperature.

The latest UHF Tag with high performance in harsh conditions

DAILY RFID has released rigid RFID UHF Tag to meet a need in the Industry for uhf tag with long read range on metal surface. The latest UHF passive tag can provide high performance in harsh conditions, including around metal & liquid environment.

The UHF tag has been tested at a very reliable reading range of up to 3 meters in a variety of harsh industrial environment. It can easily be affixed to any metal surface either keeping by two screws or with its self-adhesive 3M Glue. Thus, it is not easy to fall off from the surface, and allows long-range communication.

Rugged RFID Disc Tag - 125KHz RFID tag for industrial applications

DAILY RFID has launched adhesive 125KHz clear RFID disc tag, which can be easily integrated into many RFID projects. The mini 125KHz LF tag is specially designed for industrial applications especially in harsh conditions.

This 125KHz Low Frequency (LF) RFID Disc tag offers a read range from 5cm to 50cm according to different DAILY RFID readers. Laminated with PVC material, the LF RFID tag is waterproof, dustproof and resistant to immersion in salt water, alcohol, oil.

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