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Long Range RFID reader DL920 for Industrial Applications

DAILY RFID has recently unveiled the latest long-range RFID reader DL920 for industrial applications, such as parking access control and inventory management. Thanks to its long read range up to 15m, the fixed RFID reader enables users to read or write data to tags within 15 meters.

HF Fixed RFID Reader for supply chain management

DAILY RFID has recently released HF Fixed RFID Reader for supply chain management in offices or commercial enterprises where streamlining is needed. With fast tag processing speed, the RFID reader enables tags to be read within 90cm.

The HF Fixed RFID reader DL810 can provide good visibility of product to ensure secure in supply chain management. With high identification rate, the fixed reader can identify many tags with a speed of up to 50pcs per second, thus allowing hundreds of the tagged objects to be checked in a minute.

HF RFID Desktop Reader for warehouse management

DAILY RFID has recently released the HF RFID Desktop Reader with a long reading range up to 90cm. Besides, the desktop reader has multi-tag reading ability and fast reading rate, making it suitable for warehouse management.

The 13.56MHz desktop RFID reader is an ideal solution to monitor goods for warehouse management. Integrated it into RFID warehouse system, it ensures the replenishment of needed products and quickly identification of the tagged product in warehouse.

DAILY RFID releases UHF Readers for adverse circumstances

DAILY RFID has recently released a series of UHF readers DL6820 with double antenna channels. And it is suitable for adverse circumstances for its accurate read and water / dust resistant.

The UHF Readers offers accurate read even in adverse circumstances. Compliant with the EPC Gen2 standards, these UHF RFID Readers are capable to connect to 2 antennas, and can read hundreds of tagged items at the same time. What’s more, it can perform well even in harsh environment where there are several readers communicating with the same tag simultaneously.

Long range HF RFID Reader for inventory management

In response to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the inventory process, DAILY RFID has released HF RFID Reader DL810 designed for inventory management. The 13.56 MHz Reader provides long read range up to 90 cm and fast identification rate.

The robust HF RFID reader is an ideal selection for logistics access control and warehousing applications. It is specially provides for RFID inventory Management System. And the HF reader offers a long read range of 60-90 cm (2-3 feet) regardless of tagged items orientation or alignment.

Idea Reader - 125KHz RFID Reader for Long range Industrial Application

DAILY RFID has newly unveiled 125KHz Long Range RFID Reader (Idea Reader). The long-distance identification function and ease of use features make it ideal for Industrial Application.

The low-cost LF RFID Reader(Idea Reader) provides high performance. And it is compatible with LF RFID chips such as I-CODE, Mifare-One S50. With accurate identification ability, this Idea Reader RFID Reader has a long read range up to 100cm.

HF RFID Reader has read range up to 90cm

A common HF RFID Reader has very short read range - at a range of 5-10cm, but the range needs to be extended for some applications. In order to aid the process, DAILY RFID has released HF Reader DL810 with a long reading range up to 90cm.

Long range RFID reader DL810 for asset tracking

DAILY RFID has announced HF Long Range RFID Reader DL810 with read range up to 90cm to cater for most HF applications. In addition, this Long range RFID reader is suited for asset tracking since it featrues fast read rate up to 50 pcs per second.

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