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Long Range RFID Passive Reader delivers Long Read Range up to 15m

DAILY RFID has unveiled a long range RFID passive reader DL920 to deliver long read range up to 15 meters. Compliant with ISO18000-6B or ISO18000-6C EPC Gen2 standard, this long range passive RFID reader DL920 shows great performance in dense reader environment.

Based on the UHF technology, this long range passive reader shows stable identification performance of operating from ISM 902MHz to 928MHz or from 920MHz to 925MHz. Besides, with the Gen 2 RFID technology, this RFID passive reader DL920 promises fast read speed of reading a single card in less than 10ms per 64 bits on average.

Passive RFID Reader with long read range up to 15 meters

DAILY RFID has released Passive RFID Reader DL920 with an industry reading range of up to 15m. The ultra-high frequency RFID Reader supports multi port interfaces, allows for easy data transmission and computer programming. Thus, it is well suited for a wide range of industrial scope.

Thanks to its outstanding performance, the passive RFID reader can exactly identify the objects along with its high reading rate. Operating at a frequency range of 860MHz to 960MHz, the long range reader is capable of reading hundreds of multi-directional tags simultaneously within one second.

UHF 900MHz RFID Reader with multi ports for data transfers

DAILY RFID offers its new UHF 900MHz RFID Reader DL910 with an industrial standard long range of up to 15m. This UHF RFID Reader can read multi RFID tags at the same time and avoid duplicate reading.

The UHF RFID Reader offers multi port interfaces with global standard for RFID tags data communications, such as RS232, RS485, Weigand and TCP/IP, etc. Operating at 900 MHz, the UHF reader provides real-time performance for collecting, managing, and transferring information.

900 MHz RFID Reader offers Long Read Range up to 15m

DAILY RFID has recently released its 900 MHz UHF Long range RFID reader DL910 with globally-compliant options, performance efficiency, and rugged design. It offers a long read range of up to 15m basing on different RFID tags.

This rugged 900 MHz RFID reader features a standard industry read distance to meet the specific need of the users, ranging form 8 meters to 15 meters. It is specially designed with the synchronized function to ensure the accuracy of tag's identification even under a multi-reader environment.

HF RFID Reader has read range up to 90cm

A common HF RFID Reader has very short read range - at a range of 5-10cm, but the range needs to be extended for some applications. In order to aid the process, DAILY RFID has released HF Reader DL810 with a long reading range up to 90cm.

Long-distance RFID reader offers read range up to 40 feet

Asset management process is always on look out for long range RFID readers which can improve overall productivity. DAILY RFID has unveiled globally-compliant long-distance RFID reader DL910 for rapid integration into UHF solution with a long read range up to 10m(33 feet) - 15m(49 feet).

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