RFID Inventory

RFID Inventory Tags Help Users Implement Fast and Pinpoint Products Monitoring and Control

Nowadays, large amounts of products inventory have gained the effective management with the introduction of intelligent RFID inventory tags, which changes the situations of low efficient and high cost management and helps supervisory control system reduce the out-of-stocks or overstocks. As the powerful solutions to strengthen products tracking, the RFID inventory tags make a great impact on enterprises or stores sales and margins.

RFID Inventory Tags Offer a Feasible Technological Approach for Warehouse Control

With the development of modern logistics, high-tech products like RFID inventory tags have been increasingly applied in logistics warehouse management. Nowadays, many companies have been conscious that using RFID inventory tags can enhance the transparency of supply chain management and increase the stock turnover. Recently, DAILY RFID, as the leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer, has also released a series of bran-new RFID inventory tags that are specifically designed for warehouse control and supply chains management.

Tamper-evident HF RFID Tag for Jewellery inventory and security

DAILY RFID has released a latest tamper-evident HF RFID Tag for Jewellery inventory and security at all points in the supply chain. The 13.56MHz HF tag is disposable to prevent tampering from the jewels and theft in the jewellery management operation.

HF RFID Reader DL5510: an ideal tool for RFID Inventory tracking

Enterprises have long expressed the need for a cost-effective RFID Inventory system to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the inventory tracking process. DAILY RFID has unveiled HF multi-tag RFID Reader DL5510 with fast tag processing speed up to 50pcs per second, specially designed for inventory management.

Long-distance RFID reader offers read range up to 40 feet

Asset management process is always on look out for long range RFID readers which can improve overall productivity. DAILY RFID has unveiled globally-compliant long-distance RFID reader DL910 for rapid integration into UHF solution with a long read range up to 10m(33 feet) - 15m(49 feet).

Fixed RFID reader DL810 is designed for RFID inventory tracking

More and more enterprises and shops integrate RFID into the inventory tracking system, as the high ROI of RFID in the inventory mangement. DAILY RFID has recently unveiled HF fixed RFID Reader DL810, specailly designed for inventory tracking.

RFID Reader for Inventory:simplify Inventory Management process

DAILY RFID has recently unveiled HF RFID Reader DL5510 with a long read range of up to 60cm, specially designed for inventory management. With this 13.56MHz rfid reader integrated into RFID inventory system, there is no need to make an inventory by individual scanning while keeping accurate counts of the inventory.

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