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RFID Passive Tags Have Become One of the Important Directions of RFID Research

Over the years,UHF RFID technology has widely been used in various fields, such as production, retail, traffic, logistic and so on for UHF RFID technology has the trait of non-contact, faster recognition, long identification distance and large capacity of storing data. And, RFID passive tags, as the core component of UHF RFID identification system, have always been a hot spot of research at home and abroad.

Passive RFID High Frequency Tags Fulfill New Level of Invisible Identification in Logistic Management

In the wake of the increasingly popular of RFID technology, passive RFID high frequency tags have great advantages in logistic management. Via attaching the passive RFID high frequency tags to the items, users can implement the logistic monitoring and reduce superfluous loss. DAILY RFID, as the leading RFID products manufacturer, has released a series of passive RFID high frequency tags in order to enhance the management in each link of logistic industry. Operating at 13.56mhz, these passive RFID high frequency tags help users establish real-time tracking system.

Passive RFID Asset Tags Play an Important Role in Modern Fixed Asset Management Solution

Nowadays, lots of companies have begun to use passive RFID asset tags to identify, check, track, monitor and manage their fixed assets along with the expansion of companies and the increase of fixed assets. Actually, passive RFID asset tags have gradually become the essential tools and played an important role in modern fixed asset management. Odd-come-shortly, several smart passive RFID asset tags have been released by DAILY RFID, the leading professional RFID tech products manufacturer.

Passive RFID Tag With Flexible Read Range Brings Efficiency to RFID Applications

Nowadays, many industries have entered into a new stage with the rapid development of RFID technology. And new generation of Passive RFID Tags with ideal read range play an irreplaceable role in items tracking, like vehicle tracking, warehouse tracking, asset tracking and any other access control. DAILY RFID, the leading company who is specialized in manufacturing RFID products and providing RFID solutions, has unveiled Passive RFID Tag series with flexible read range to help RFID tracking system achieve new level of items control and implement highly efficient RFID management.

Passive RFID Tags with Various Read Ranges Provide High Efficiency and Convenience

In the field of identification, the read range of passive RFID tags has to meet new continual requirements with the rapid development of RFID technology applications. Compared with active tag, the biggest merit that long range passive RFID tag has is the lower cost and smaller size.

Passive RFID Tags Cut a Fine Figure in Items Tracking and Clothing Management

Passive RFID Tags are one kind of RFID tags that do not certain battery, but rely on the electromagnetic energy sent by RFID readers to work. In virtue of the simple structure and economical and practical features, Passive RFID Tags obtain the extensive applications in various RFID fields. Recently, as the leading professional RFID technology products manufacturer, DAILY RFID has also released a series of Passive RFID Tags in order to cater for the huge market demand and to assist in raising the efficiency of items tracking and clothing management.

DAILY’s Passive RFID Tags-High Performance Impel High Efficiency to Various RFID Products Tracking

Back to the past, low-tech Passive RFID Tags always brought inconvenience to the RFID products tracking containing metal or liquid, which greatly effected the development of industry and economy. Currently, DAILY RFID, as one of the most professional Passive RFID Tags manufacturers in the world, has released new generation and cost-effective Passive RFID Tags. With high performance, special design and flexible read range, Passive RFID Tags impel the high efficiency to various products tracking applications.

UHF mini Passive RFID Tag for Animal Tracking

DAILY RFID has recently released mini Passive RFID Tag, which operates in the UHF spectrum from 860MHz to 960MHz. With a small size and long reading distance, the passive RFID tag is suitable for animal tracking, such as dog, cat and pig, etc.

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