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Passive RFID Tag With Flexible Read Range Brings Efficiency to RFID Applications

Nowadays, many industries have entered into a new stage with the rapid development of RFID technology. And new generation of Passive RFID Tags with ideal read range play an irreplaceable role in items tracking, like vehicle tracking, warehouse tracking, asset tracking and any other access control. DAILY RFID, the leading company who is specialized in manufacturing RFID products and providing RFID solutions, has unveiled Passive RFID Tag series with flexible read range to help RFID tracking system achieve new level of items control and implement highly efficient RFID management.

Passive RFID Tags with Various Read Ranges Provide High Efficiency and Convenience

In the field of identification, the read range of passive RFID tags has to meet new continual requirements with the rapid development of RFID technology applications. Compared with active tag, the biggest merit that long range passive RFID tag has is the lower cost and smaller size.

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