Flowers for Kim Il Sung, supra realism paintings, of the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea

Explanatory Note for the paintings in the Exhibition “Flowers for Kim Il Sung, Art and Architecture from the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea”

Schlingensief kept on economy payroll, Parsifal is dead.

First time I noticed Schlingensief, introduced by a friend who was the king of German super 8, I saw "The Chainsaw massacre" a early super 8 movie made by Schlingensief, he was a scholar of Werner Nekes a German director. Schlingensief later has grown out of underground moviemaking, towards claiming a domain, a non conventionalist in the conventional theater business, a perfect match.

China advances in the cash race, now 2nd

The milestone was reached early Monday, when Tokyo said that in the second quarter, the Japanese economy was valued at about $1.28 trillion, slightly below China's figure of $1.33 trillion. The gross domestic product of the United States was roughly $14 trillion in 2009. “China is already the primary determiner of the price of virtually every major commodity”.

People's Liberation Army band played "I just called to say I love you".

During United States President Barack Obama's recent visit to China, it was quite a sight to follow his gleaming motorcade alongside a deserted Chang'an avenue at night, policed at every 10 meters, like a scene in a Hollywood blockbuster choreographed by Michael Mann. But nothing would compare to the scene at the state dinner when the People's Liberation Army band played I just called to say I love you.

China's culture minister Cai Wu, lashes out

Did you ever hear any European culture minister, talking like this. NO, NEWER.

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