Bob Parson, rock and roll, hypocrite, elephant killer from GoDaddy, good friend of Robert Mugabe

Bob says: Each year I go to Zimbabwe and hunt problem elephant. It's one of the most beneficial and rewarding things I do. This video shows a typical day of this year's trip. I just returned home today March 14, 2011.

Location: Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe is the head of State and Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Morgan Tsvangirai is the Prime Minister.

In the iPad for the afterworld we trust

Chinese copycats strike for the afterworld with a paper based replica of the hottest gadget for today living.

Japan: injects 400 Billion Dollars into the financial market, burning public money

A financial mayhem is going on now after the natural disasters. Tax money gets in truckloads burned. Imagine if that money would be invested in renewable energy, or in earthquake safety creating jobs. Imagine …., for your reality assessment:
Here in Cambodia they say orphanage cost are
$35 per child/ food supplies for one moth
$70 per person/cost of key staff for one month
$55 per moth administrative cots
$40 per month hygiene care

Deadly intolerance in Indonesia, between main streem Muslim and Muslim minorities.

Anti-Ahmadiyah Violence in Cikeusik Indonesia. Main streem muslim mob, attack special muslim sekt which does not recognise Mohammed as the last prophet.

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