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The headlines speak Guenther Grass versa Israel

Now Israel confirms, that what Grass has written about them, is correct. Westerwelle the German Foreign Minister surfs the political correctness. Here the text in German Mr.Grass has written.

Was gesagt werden muss
Von Günter Grass

"Warum schweige ich, verschweige zu lange, was offensichtlich ist und in Planspielen geübt wurde, an deren Ende als Überlebende wir allenfalls Fußnoten sind.

Gustav Metzger, Auto-Destructive Art [1959 - 1961] Manifesto

Auto-Destructive Art [1959], visit Gustav Metzgers site and WIKIPEDIA.

Auto-destructive art is primarily a form of public art for industrial societies.

Self-destructive painting, sculpture and construction is a total unity of idea, site, form, color, method, and timing of the dis-integrative process.

Auto-destructive art can be created with natural forces, traditional art techniques and technological techniques.

Andaman Trunk Road has to be closed down?

This is the best sign, a snake of cars is eating the way through the jungle. The cars full of innocent tourist, ready to do all and everything to see the Jarawa tribes people. This is Disney world, they pay for, the only thing which can stop this is some wild cat attacks.
A good resource about: George Weber's Lonely Island. The Negrito People and the Out-of-Africa Story of the human race.

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