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Whitehouse Release Rap Videos

Whitehouse Rap Video to appeal to the younger generation...

Shes a Gold Digger

Chronic Lies and the NSA

M$oft owns Firefox

The following bare minimums are essential for the optimum operation of MS Firefox 2007:
A Credit Card
Microsoft(R) Windows(TM)/Vista Operating System
Microsoft(R) Mouse & Keyboard (Hyperlinks will NOT work without these)
Live(TM) Messenger (Required API to maintain dangerous CPU temperatures)
Microsoft(R) Office 2007 (Provides the ability to scroll webpages)
Quad Core Processor (For loading Hotmail.com)


Does anybody knows where the hell is Darfur? Me neither, at least until last week when my wife went to a play in Kilburn about a war over there. Darfur is placed in Sudan, a very poor country in Africa, and as well as it happened in many other countries over there, since 2003 they are living a huge civil war. The situation in Darfur is described by many as genocide or ethnic cleansing, more than 400.000 people were killed already. There were attempts to send UN troops to the conflict area but either they were rejected by the sudanese government or they were far from enough to make something change.

Republican party uses Al-Qaeda for election propaganda

the Republican strategist are now sending good old Bin and his fellows on the campaign trail, to win the congressional elections on 7. November 2006. I wonder if there are any copyright issues, royalties 1st paid to Al-Qaeda, 2nd to Al Jazeera? The movie shows Bin, Zawa the two superstar's and some followers jumping out of an Volkswagens bus with Californian number plates. Republican National Committee

Candidates are starting to explore new artifices in their web campaign.

To conquer new votes, politicians use from YouTube, communities at Orkut up to the creation of new icons for MSN

Originally published at “Estadão” Newspaper, São Paulo, Brazil (08/2006) by Maurício Moraes and Silva
Translated by Nako (Google translates wasn’t good at all!)

There was time when Internet electoral campaigns could were restricted to simple homepages with candidate’s proposals. With their eyes open to the potential of the Net, not to mention cutting down costs, many politicians decided to focus their investments in new tools to get more votes in the upcoming election. Online guerrilla marketing includes uploading videos to YouTube, adding voters and friends to Orkut communities, using IMs among other props.

Hey, let’s take part! It’s all for free!

Let's say, I have apples. A lot of apples. And I want to have a pear. What would I do? I would look out for someone who has a lot of pears and then trade an apple for a pear. This concept works fine, as long as the opposite is actually interested in my apples. But what if the my trading partner is actually looking for bananas? This makes the situation a bit more complex.

The solution to this would be, that you introduce some kind of "medium" that just bears value but other than that, there is nothing more to it. We've done it, we call it "money".

Don't be evil" - Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google

Amnesty International today (20 July) urged users of Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google to use their power as consumers to help end corporate complicity in suppression of the internet in China. The call to action - part of a new campaign for free speech online called irrepressible.info - came as Amnesty launched a new report accusing the firms of hypocrisy by talking about freedom of expression and access to information while denying it in order to access the lucrative Chinese market.

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