Breadboard Band Strike Back

Sound performance from Takeaway festival (wednesday pm)

This time Shosei's infamous Breadboard Band have no technical problems and the performance is a major sucess. Nice one sushi (as Karel likes to call you - food on the brain as usual!)

Media Arts, seeking a context

An attempt to summarise the issues and questions that the Takeaway Festival is bringing up. Mainly from the lectures but also from the individual parts and the DIY culture of the event. They are similar to issues that have been raised through the development of Node.London.

What roles are there for Artists in a capitalist system? Clearly this isn't a new question but some developments can re-invigorate it:

How can the development of increasingly networked culture provide new opportunities and challenges? and what responsibilities does this bring?

How does the development of new tools and technologies effect (or even determine) this?

Do we need to develop a manual for Do It Yourself Culture and for collaboration? If so how can we do this - Collaboratively?

Can the development of free and open source software / practices (and culture) provide models?

Eye-Opening Stuff

Day one:

Throughout Node London I have continued to be amazed by the motivation of a number of really intelligent, alternative people with very clear, and persuassive ideas about life, politics, digital culture (amongst other things). Takeaway has only served to emphasise my opinions in this sense.

If we could see a live streamed google map of London right now, I'm sure Dana Centre would be glowing, with so much energy bursting out of the walls from Takeaway.

Takeway: Corrugation Street

I'm presenting my work at the Takeaway show, and been working on taking Corrugation Street further. This is the latest version, hastily done in time for the show. So far I've worked on:
- improving the code, making it more efficient and sturdy
- adding new episodes

During the first day I had a lot of feedback which is proving useful in helping me work out future directions for the project. This is actually the first chance I've had to collect proper feedback, and it's good feedback as well.

Radio Noodles podcast #2 from NodeL Threshold 06 events online !!

The (delayed!) second of the Radio Noodles at Node-L podcast Mp3's has been completed.

Listen to it from this page:
(sorry progressive streaming style flash player not yet working!!)

Listen online to interviews and audio art noise from Thursday and Friday 9th-10th March Threshold 06 at the E:vent space in Bethnal Green.

RE: generation collaboration

Running as part of the Node London's 'Deptford TV' event cluster "Documentary Database" on Saturday was the third and final in a series of workshops, exploring audio-visual documentation of the regeneration process in Deptford.

Located at SPC media lab (previously Deckspace HQ), at Borough Hall, Greenwich, this has been host to the do-it-yourself media for over a decade, long before the Internet existed, as we know it today.

Something for the Weekend: "dorkfest 2006"

What a weekend it was at the old Boxing Club, this was an event not to be missed, if you like raw power then experiments such as bending hard drive platters with pure magnetism and Milecee's use of plants as musical instruments, so that they sing to you was totaly awesome, she really does have green fingers. These are a few of the spectacular things you would have missed just by not going out of your front door on a Saturday night. James Larsson was at it again showing rare archive material of his ‘Prawn Sandwich Clock' and a lot of talk about building a thermo disruptor something!! However, he had no comments on Zero point energy devices! So does he hide a secret?


Reblog of 'mini-review of Andy Deck at HTTP gallery' from NodeLondon Digest

Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 10:13:56 +0000
From: Saul Albert To: digest@nodel.org
Subject: mini-review of Andy Deck at HTTP gallery

The opening of the Open Vice/Virtue: The Online Art Context at HTTP gallery (Haringey, N4) last Thursday was quite a mob scene: everyone crammed into the little gallery space in the front of HTTP, drinking, chatting, hanging out of the door to smoke... the convivial boozy atmosphere of an opening.

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