USB RFID Desktop Reader for simple access control

In response to keep the RFID access control system simple and low cost, DAILY RFID has released proximity RFID Desktop reader with USB or RS232 interface. Available in 125 KHz (LF) or 13.56 MHz (HF) versions, both of the RFID desktop readers are designed as a plug and play device to simplify the access control procedure.

Hygienic Livestock RFID Tag for Sheep Management

DAILY RFID has released hygienic RFID livestock tag which operates in the frequency 125KHz or 13.56MHz. Constructed from polyurethane, the livestock RFID Ear Tag is suitable for the tracking of sheep.

The livestock RFID ear tag provides a good way to improve the efficiency of the sheep management. These RFID Ear tags are all compliant with international recognized ISO standard and can be detected 100mm by RFID Reader. Thus, with the sealed micro tags in place, the information of each sheep can be searched for by transferring the data to the computers and networks.

The smallest UHF RFID Tag for Number Plate Tracing

DAILY RFID has recently released the smallest RFID UHF Tag for number plate. With long read distance under metal environments, this mini RFID tag is suitable for use on metal surface, especially for tracing number plate in doors and vehicles.

This small, fully encapsulated RFID UHF tags can work in any adverse circumstance. Despite of its small footprint, the UHF On-metal tag for number plate has the capacity to deliver an impressive range of up to 3 meters. And it can be customized in ISO 18000-6B or ISO 18000-6C (EPC Gen2) standard.

Mini, Customized RFID Jewellery Tag for jewelry tracking

DAILY RFID has come out with mini HF RFID jewellery tags for jewelry management in stores and warehouse. It enables sales to inventory the stocks of jewelry items in a minute, since the smart RFID tag optimizes the jewellery management process.

Button shaped RFID Tag for Garment Retail and Rental Shops

DAILY RFID has released button shaped, washable RFID tag for garment retail and rental shops. With two small holes in the middle, the garment tag is pretty easy and convenient to attach to clothes. And with the sealed RFID chip inside, it is an ideal solution for tracking garments in retail stores and rental services.

Small Passive UHF RFID Tag designed for Harsh Environment

DAILY RFID has released a small passive UHF RFID tag with long reading range for harsh environment, such as on metal surface. Operating at 860MHz to 960MHz, the passive UHF tag offers reliable performance under harsh conditions, including in rain, in low temperatures and others.

Complying with ISO18000-6B or ISO18000-6C industrial standard, this kind of RFID UHF tag ensures high performance on metal surface and even humid conditions. Thanks to its special material and design, it can be widely used in various industries and harsh environment.

Proximity RFID Card Reader serial for Automatic Operations

DAILY RFID has released proximity RFID Card Reader serial with two frequency versions (LF 125 KHz or HF 13.56 MHz) for selection. With a user-friendly design, it is convenient and easy-to-use for automatic operations.

The series of RFID card readers are used as a plug and play device for simple management. By inserting it into PC and PDA via a USB interface, the integrated device enables input or output all the data about the card to PC and PDA for simplifying the operation process. And the high frequency version also supports RS232 interface.

OEM RFID Reader Module with Two Frequency versions available

DAILY RFID has released tiny RFID Reader Module with a small size approximately the size of a business card. There are two frequency versions including 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz for options. And it can be integrated into RFID devices for a cost-effective solution while keeping the equivalent performance.

The RFID module is ideal for RFID embedded applications while enabling low power consumption. The LF/HF RFID Reader module is designed as integrators to install into printers, terminals and handheld devices via a USB interface for power supply and data transmission.

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