RFID Patient Identification is easy with patient management RFID Kit

DAILY RFID has released patient management RFID Kit to deploy identification systems in the healthcare industry. By offering passive RFID wristbands, a PDA handheld reader DL710, a desktop HF reader and necessary software in each kit, it increases visibility to information of the patients for easy hospital management.

RFID Asset Management Solution for automatically Asset Tracking

DAILY RFID has released its latest RFID asset management system for the requirement of optimizing management for fixed assets. With this RFID asset tracking system, assets can be secured and tracked automatically as they move throughout the areas.

Animals Tracking Using Hygienic RFID Animal Tags

DAILY RFID has released series of RFID Animal Tags for animals tracking and livestock management. Constructed from polyurethane, the RFID animal tags are especially designed for animal lifecycle tracking, like cattle, pigs and sheep.

Animals tracking become easier by using DAILY’s RFID animal tags, for RFID technology increases the accuracy and efficiency of recording every tagged animal's information. The RFID animal tag ensures fully automated livestock management in processes such as disease management, feeding, breeding practices and immunity.

HF 13.56 MHz Reader targeted for multi ISO RFID standards

DAILY RFID has released HF RFID Reader (13.56MHz Reader-02), which is compatible with multi famous ISO RFID standards, including ISO 15693, ISO 14443A and ISO 14443B. It offers a user-friendly mode while keeping low power consumption.

Just a bit larger than a business card in size, the 13.56 MHz RFID Reader is available in three versions according to reading various standard ISO 13.56MHz tags. The compact HF RFID Reader provides a read range from 50mm to 100mm. And it has two-LED indication for standby search and data communications.

UHF RFID Handheld Reader designed with a rugged industry standard

DAILY RFID has released its new UHF RFID Handheld Reader DL770 in accordance with IP64 international protection standard. And the UHF handheld reader combines wireless communication functions including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPRS, making it perfect for UHF mobile applications.

The UHF Handheld RFID reader achieves highly accurate, real-time data collection with a long maximum read distance from 70cm to 120cm. It features 400MHz Samsung Processor, 128MB SDRAM and 128MB Flash ROM storage to protect data from resets or even complete power loss.

HF SD RFID Reader characterizes seamless data transmission

DAILY RFID has recently released the HF SD RFID Reader designed as a plug-and-play device. It features seamless data transmission from mobile devices with its small footprint or through wireless technology.

By inserting the SD RFID reader into the SD slot of a Smartphone or PDA, the integrated device can be used for reading and writing 13.56MHz RFID tag without any internal hardware change. And it supports HF RFID tag in various formats such as famous ISO 14443A /B and ISO 15693.

DAILY RFID releases UHF Readers for adverse circumstances

DAILY RFID has recently released a series of UHF readers DL6820 with double antenna channels. And it is suitable for adverse circumstances for its accurate read and water / dust resistant.

The UHF Readers offers accurate read even in adverse circumstances. Compliant with the EPC Gen2 standards, these UHF RFID Readers are capable to connect to 2 antennas, and can read hundreds of tagged items at the same time. What’s more, it can perform well even in harsh environment where there are several readers communicating with the same tag simultaneously.

UHF 900MHz RFID Reader with multi ports for data transfers

DAILY RFID offers its new UHF 900MHz RFID Reader DL910 with an industrial standard long range of up to 15m. This UHF RFID Reader can read multi RFID tags at the same time and avoid duplicate reading.

The UHF RFID Reader offers multi port interfaces with global standard for RFID tags data communications, such as RS232, RS485, Weigand and TCP/IP, etc. Operating at 900 MHz, the UHF reader provides real-time performance for collecting, managing, and transferring information.

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